AdBlocker Ultimate is the most effective adblocker there is! If you do not want to see any ads, anywhere in your digital space, then this is the way to go. No more ads, malicious websites and online trackers. Surf safe and never be sorry!


Please, make sure you have the latest version of Windows in order to have the app working flawlessly.

Powerful ad-blocking technology

The world's finest ad-blocking technology on the market. It blocks advertising regardless of the type of the content you preview.

No exceptions

Doesn't have a predefined list of acceptable ads. You are the only person to decide if a website is trustworthy and whitelist it.

Privacy Protection

Besides ad-blocking features AdBlocker Ultimate keeps your personal data safe from online trackers and activity analyzers.

Browse Safely

Helps you avoid all phishing websites and even avoid malware attacks while browsing.

AdBlocker Ultimate for Windows

Over the years, ads evolved so did AdBlocker Ultimate. We used our advanced ad-blocking technology as a core for our brand new Windows-based software application. It works across all programs on your PC. Besides its extended range, AdBlocker Ultimate for Windows works on a system level, which makes it even more efficient in blocking all types of ads.

AdBlocker Ultimate for Chrome, Mozilla
Opera, Edge

AdBlocker Ultimate is a free web browser extension, which blocks all annoying ads with no exceptions. Unlike its rivals it doesn’t come with a predefined whitelist. You are the only person, who chooses if there is a trusted website, where you want to allow ads. On top of that, AdBlocker Ultimate blocks malicious websites and online trackers, which can ruin your online experience and put your personal data at risk. AdBlocker Ultimate is available on all popular web browsers – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge.

AdBlocker Ultimate Browser for Android

We are proud to announce that now we bring AdBlocker Ultimate technology onto your Android mobile device. AdBlocker Ultimate Browser works as an independent web browser, where ads are not welcome. You will get no-ads experience for free. In addition, for hardcore users we offer advanced functionality, which waits for you to unlock it. Surfing the web with our mobile app is faster, safer and way more pleasant than popular web browsers. Download it now and check for yourself.

AdBlocker Ultimate for iOS

The best performing ad-blocking technology is also available for Safari on iOS mobile devices. It allows you to enjoy ad-free experience while browsing the web on the go. No predefined acceptable ads/whitelists and constantly updating filters.

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