AdBlocker Ultimate Browser for Android

We are proud to announce that now we bring AdBlocker Ultimate technology onto your Android mobile device. AdBlocker Ultimate Browser works as an independent web browser, where ads are not welcome. You will get no-ads experience for free. In addition, for hardcore users we offer advanced functionality, which waits for you to unlock it. Surfing the web with our mobile app is faster, safer and way more pleasant than popular web browsers. Download it now and check for yourself.

Block ads. No exceptions.

AdBlocker Ultimate Browser for Android is packed with an advanced ad-blocking technology and comes with NO predefined whitelist or acceptable ads!

Fast & Secure

AdBlocker Ultimate Browser significantly improves your mobile browsing experience and safety.

More Speed & Better Battery life

AdBlocker Ultimate Browser can significantly reduce your mobile data bandwidth, decrease page loading time and improve battery life of your Android device.

Customizable Widgets

Useful features are available right on your home tab. You have the choice to customize it the way you wanted.

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