Filter NameDescriptionFilter URLLicenseCredit URL
Ultimate Ad FilterThis is a filter that allows removing ads from websites with English content. It is based on the EasyList and AdGuard filters and modified by our team according to the complaints from users.GNU GPLv3 / CC BY 3.0
Anti-circumventionFilter list designed to fight circumvention ads.GNU GPLv3
RuAdList+EasyListRemoves ads from Russian websites.CC BY 3.0
EasyList Germany+EasyListRemoves ads from German websites.CC BY 3.0
Fanboy's JapaneseRemoves ads from Japanese websites.CC BY 3.0
EasyList Dutch + EasyListRemoves ads from Dutch websites.GNU GPLv3
Fanboy's Spanish/PortugueseRemoves ads from Spanish/Portuguese websites.CC BY 3.0
Fanboy's TurkishRemoves ads from Turkish websites.CC BY 3.0
Bulgarian listRemoves ads from Bulgarian websites.GNU GPLv3
EasyList ChinaRemoves ads from Chinese websites.GNU GPLv3 / CC BY 3.0
EasyList Czech and SlovakRemoves ads from Czechs and Slovak websites.CC BY 4.0
EasyList ItalyRemoves ads from Italian websites.GNU GPLv3 / CC BY 3.0
Latvian ListRemoves ads from Latvian websites.CC BY 4.0
Adblock PolskaRemoves ads from Polish websites.GNU GPLv3
Estonian ListRemoves ads from Estonian websites.CC BY 1.0
Liste FRRemoves ads from French websites.CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
Hufilter - The Hungarian Adblock ListRemoves ads from Hungarian websites.CC BY 4.0
Adblock-Persian listRemoves ads from Persian websites.
Fanboy's SwedishRemoves ads from Swedish websites.CC BY 3.0
Fanboy's KoreanRemoves ads from Korean websites.CC BY 3.0
Fanboy's VietnameseRemoves ads from Vietnamese websites.CC BY 3.0
Fanboy's Annoyance ListBlocks all irritating in-page popups, cookie notices and third-party widgets, which substantially decrease page loading times use this filter and it will block all of them for you.CC BY 3.0


Filter NameDescriptionFilter URLLicenseCredit URL
Ultimate Privacy FilterBlocks an extensive list of various online trackers, counters and web analytics tools. Based on the EasyList Privacy list and upgraded by our team.GNU GPLv3
Fanboy's Social Blocking ListRemoves social media integrationGNU GPLv3 / CC BY 3.0


Filter NameDescriptionFilter URLLicenseCredit URL
Ultimate Security FilterThis filter blocks malicious domains. Based on Online Malicious Domains Blocklist filter and further updated and modified by our team.CC0 1.0
Spam404This filter protects you from online scams. This filter is regularly updated with data collected by BY 4.0
NoCoinStops cryptomining in your browser.MIT License