About Us

How did it all start?

The AdBlocker Ultimate project started a few years back, when a couple of tech nerds searched for a way to block ads showing everywhere. We tried many different adblockers, which brag about blocking all ads. Unfortunately, it turned out that at some point of time, these “adblockers” seem to skip particular ads. That’s when the idea of creating our own ad-blocking browser extension. We set it to be completely free, to block all type of ads and to NOT have a predefined list of “acceptable” ads. Initially, we shared it among friends, who just loved it and they told their friends.

And that’s how we went over 10 million installs.

How did we get mobile?

Times changed and people started moving more towards mobile devices, so did advertisers. It was our turn. First, we joined the App Store with our content blocker for Safari. Then we brought our ad-blocking knowledge to iOS users. Shortly after, we released our own Android web browser, which acts as a gateway to the ad-free Internet.

How do we see the future?

The Internet provides unlimited opportunities and gives unlimited choices to users. We believe that things should stay that way. Thus we decided to step up a notch and invest in a desktop application, which blocks ads regardless of the browser, email client, or messenger app you use. AdBlocker Ultimate’s team believes that people should always have a choice to see an ad or not, just like the remote control helps us change the channel during commercial breaks. This time we couldn’t do it on our own though. We found a few very talented developers to help us with that project. That’s how AdBlocker Ultimate for Windows came to life.

How can I contribute to development?

We really appreciate any help in the development of AdBlocker Ultimate. If you want to add a feature, fix a bug or something else, please visit our github page or contact us at support@adblockultimate.net.

How can I help translating AdBlocker Ultimate to my language?

Everyone can help translating AdBlocker Ultimate to their native language. Please follow this link.