Each AdBlocker Ultimate feature is designed to improve your privacy and security while you browse the web. We keep updating and enhancing our filters in order to provide you with better online experience without flashy and misleading ads. Here are a few things you should know about AdBlocker Ultimate:


We want to translate AdBlocker Ultimate to all languages! Do you have some spare time and want to contribute to our project? Please sign up here with the language of choice (notice: you must be native speaker of the language).

Google Chrome is probably the most popular and trusted web browser today. As such it deserves a reliable partner against annoying and flashy ads, exactly what AdBlocker Ultimate is. It will help you get rid of all kinds of commercials on the Internet.

Firefox is a free and 100% open source browser available for almost all operating systems out there like Windows, OS X, Linux and Android, which supports add-ons. Add-ons are extensions to your web browser, designed to improve security or add additional features.

Opera is one of top 5 web browsers today. Just like Chrome, Firefox and others it supports extensions allowing users to improve privacy and security and even add additional features to your browser. If you enjoy Opera, but can’t get rid of flashy ads, then it is time for you to install AdBlocker Ultimate.

Despite the fact that Internet Explorer has been replaced by Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, there are plenty of users still using it. Actually, it is still the second most popular browser today. Thus we developed AdBlocker Ultimate for Internet Explorer very precisely in order to deliver complete experience without annoying ads.

AdBlocker Ultimate for Safari uses the same codebase as the Chrome and Opera versions. So you can get the same ad-free web experience also on Safari. You can also be sure that once an update is released for Chrome or Opera, Safari will automatically get it too.

Yandex Browser claims to be a secure and anonymous browser, which keeps gaining more and more popularity. Just like other browsers it supports add-ons. AdBlocker Ultimate is the ultimate ad-blocking extension, you can get for Yandex.